By accessing any part(s) of our community network (Discord, Website, Minetest Game Server, etc...) you deemed as you accepted the terms within as presented below. Updates will be broadcasted on as needed basis on ALL actively maintained part(s) of our network. So you may review them then.

General Terms

On all of our part(s) of our network you agrees...

  • Not to cause damages to us who may be involved, maintaining or otherwise be included on our network at any points in time. These does includes banned users/members/etc as they were included at one point or another.
  • Not to cause damages to our equipment and/or networking, whether owned or rented for these purposes. For examples not causing excessive CPU loads on our game server, abusing discord bots', lanuching/threating to (D)DoS or other attacks and etc...
  • ALL parts of our network are to be strictly Safe for Work and life (SFW and SFL respectivity).
  • Behave in a responsible manner. We'll assists you on a needed basis to be intergated on our network within reasons but we are all after all adults and teens. 

Please also be advised: In order to better insures a safer and healther enviroments automations and loggings may be used as reasonably possible for us. Don't you worry it should be very rare if ever you "triggers" them as an abiding person as per above. Even then most demanding moderation actions are NOT automated (mainly kicks and bans).

Prviacy Policy

We may have access to the following as per network part(s) that you decides to accesses/joins. 

  • IP Addresses
  • Emails IF required

Why do you need these information from me?

IP addresses: These are built into the applications (Website and Minetest Game Server). is used for security requirements (for example should we need to ban some people off our network, moderate their activies and so on).

Emails: This is to be requested should you either use the "Login With Discord" button on our website OR logging through our website. Once either is completed then we will have these on records for you to be able to authenicate (logs into) our website through the respected or either means. Additionally we may need to resort to sending you emails as critically required. For example if a "raid" would to cause our Discord Server to have to be "recreated" and we need to make sure everyone that were there is able to get into this "new" Discord Server of ours. 

Is my information safe? 

Absolutely they are I (DBGamer and on Discord DBGamer#3981 (Discord User ID 828438754242854963) strictly uses Two Factor Authenication (2FA) where it's entirely possible to better safeguard your information. Additionally you may consult the following source codes for  your further reassurement for our website (Azuriom) and our discord-auth Plugin.

Azuriom's Source Code: https://github.com/Azuriom/Azuriom

Discord-auth Plugin Source Code: https://github.com/magrigry/discord-auth

I'm still worried or needs you to help me. 

Please feel free to contact me directly with ANY one of these means... 

Discord (send me a friend request or join the discord): DBGamer#3981 (Discord User ID 828438754242854963)

Email: rickytorres551@gmail.com

Either ways I will do my best to address with you personally within normally no later than several hours.