Minetest Gaming Updates and Additions!

Heya everyone, been short awhile than it should had been for the game's mods to be updated but I finally was able to get around to it while trying to consider how to apporach some of the upcoming situation I am goning have to face. So I am finally not so tired to finish this tonight...

Thus I updated farming redo, techpack, bonemeal and treecapicator mods! As well as added welcome players mod for welcoming new players and letting them aware of the "deafblindmientestgaming.com" website. As well as abritorch for colored torches using the caverealms lite mod! Which shall add some deep cavern exploration. I figured this would be a neat thing to try than just plonking a Nether down there. :)

Posted on October 5, 2021 by DBGamer