Below you will find our features of our "Minetest Gaming Server" and how to be joining this gaming server of ours! Ready? We shall get started below!

Gaming Features

Minetest Game Server's Spawn

Spacious Spawn for all of your basic needs, as well as self exploring options (about 8 or so separate pathways in total). There's of course a "on site" farming lot and even a trees' lot way in the back pass the birches out in the back grass area! There's also a "manual" 3,000 meters public mine and a teleported one (opposite to the "manual" one) as well!

Auto crafting and furancing setup example of Techpack Mod.Auto grinding and furancing setup example using Techpack Mod.Auto tree farming and Biofuel production setup using Techpack Mod

And what's game like this without a little bit of tech options to boost buildings' materials I am right? We got TechPack (https://github.com/joe7575/techpack/wiki) under the hood for ya! As shown in the images these were all made by a player named "stranger" on our server. From left to right is a crafting and furancing setup, a grinding and furancing setup and finally a tree farm setup also producing Biofuel. All of these are also automatic from intial inputs.

Wild foods for growing yourself, mobs and world generated pathways.

Mobs (https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_redo/src/master/readme.MD, https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/dmobs/src/master/dragons.md, https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_animal#bee, https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/mobs_monster/src/master/readme.md) wild foods to grab for growing yourself (https://notabug.org/TenPlus1/farming#by-tenplus1) and even automatic pathways throughout the world!

Here's how to join!

To join our server first make sure you actually have the 5.x version of the game (5.4.1 is the server so it's best to stick to the latest if possible) from https://www.minetest.net/downloads/ then once the game is installed and running from here you will want to go to as seen below...

Game screen at "Join Game" tab within game to access "Deafblind Minetest Gaming" Minetest Game Server.

Hence on the "Join Game" entering "DeafBlind Minetest Gaming" to pull up our server. Then...

Once that's done enter a desired username and password. It will ask you if you want to create the account on the server. So confirm with entering your password once more. Please reach us if there any problems getting on. You may contact me personally by... 

Discord (send me a friend request or join the discord): DBGamer#3981 (Discord User ID 828438754242854963)