Hi and thanks you for your interest in how our community network is dedicated to providing accessibly across our network. Below each part of our community network is detailed on how we best provides accessibly. 


  • Cognitively as friendly descriptions, nagivation and so on. Examples of these is our lanuage in our "Terms" and our "Login With Discord" button instead of "Connect With Discord".
  • Dual logging in options (either by Discord or with Email and Password).
  • Proper formatting for read ablities.
  • Images are acurately named on this website (and description filled out as possible) and "sluged" accordingly.
  • A darker theme (Azuriom's Carbon Theme) by default.
  • Simple to use forum with respected details as needed.

Our Discord

  • Concise layout and welcoming screen limiting confusions and frustrations.
  • Caring, dedicated and understanding moderators and moderation practices.
  • In game logins and public messages web hooked to our discord. For ease of being informed and updated in game without worrying about having to be in the game.
  • Promptly keeping everyone informed and updated as needed basis.

Minetest Gaming Server

Tool Wear Warning

Automatic most tools' audio and visual warnings with ToolRanks'! (

Gravel Sieving

Gravel Sieving from the TechPack mod are not only good for enhanced gameplay, but they also make sure if your limited in being able to mine you'll still be able to enjoy the game. Additionally for addressing concerns revolving exploration common materials are able to be crafted from many different materials. From saplings to brushes to even dried plants will give you sticks and/or planks among other things!

Simplified Inventory

Simplified inventory manager from the builtin game is also standard on our server. Just to make sure to maintain ease of usage and visually where it may be needed.